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Sport, an aa kent as sports, is aw forms o competitive pheesical activity which, through casual or organized pairteecipation, aim tae uise, maintain or improve pheesical ability an provide entertainment tae pairteecipants. Hunders o sports exist, frae those requirin anly twa pairteecipants, through tae those wi hunders o simultaneous pairteecipants, either in teams or competin as individuals.

Sport is generally recognized as activities which are based in pheesical athleticism or pheesical dexterity, wi the lairgest major competeetions such as the Olympic Gemmes admittin anly sports meetin this defineetion, an ither organizations such as the Cooncil o Europe uisin defineetions precludin activities wioot a pheesical element frae classification as sports. However, a nummer o competitive, but non-pheesical, activities claim recognition as mind sports. The Internaitional Olympic Committee (through ARISF) recognizes baith chess an bridge as bona fide sports, an SportAccord, the internaitional sports federation association, recognizes five non-pheesical sports, altho leemits the amoont o mind gemmes which can be admittit as sports.

Sports are uisually govrened bi a set o rules or customs, which serve tae ensure fair competeetion, an allae consistent adjudication o the winner. Winnin can be determined bi pheesical events such as scorin goals or crossin a line first, or bi the determination o judges who are scorin elements o the sportin performance, includin objective or subjective measurs such as technical performance or airtistic impression.

In organized sport, records o performance are eften kept, an for popular sports, this information mey be widely annoonced or reportit in sport news. In addeetion, sport is a major soorce o entertainment for non-pairticipants, wi spectator sports drawin lairge crowds tae venues, an reachin wider audiences through sports broadcastin.

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